Fill the commission agreement to rent yout property

Commission agreement

To rent your property, please fill in the following form ”Commission agreement for renting a property” or contact our local office for more information.  Your property will be marketed to the customers on OVV’s register as well as at Vuokraovi, Oikotie, OVV websites etc. We will contact you to arrange a view of the property and to confirm other practical issues.

Information marked with red color is mandatory to fill in.

Detailed information of the rental property

rental information

Information of the landlord

Info of the owner (if different than landlord)

Content of the commission agreement

Contractor aims to find to the rental property a tenant with which the landlord will be able to make a rental contract. Contractor will make the rental contract.

The rental and property management law (1074/2000) governs this agreement.

Duration of the contract

The commission agreement is valid for four months and may be cancelled at any time by both parties.

The commissioner is entitled to a commission fee in case the actions conducted by the commissioner during this contract have truly affected in fulfillment of the rental contract. Though the commissioner is not entitled to any fee after 6 months of the termination of this contract.

I have read the content of this commission agreement and I agree You can find the price list here.

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