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Price list

OVV Rental Service – the core of our business

First year rental guarantee and service guarantee for the entire lease term.

  • Getting to know the property and photographing the apartment
  • Estimation of rent level
  • Marketing on, and services
  • Apartment presentations (with our representative)
  • Checking credit information and interviewing applicants
  • Drawing up the lease agreement and keeping the original with attachments
  • Supervising home insurance at the beginning of the tenancy
  • Receipt and handover of keys or agreement on other arrangements
  • Monitoring the performance of the security when handing over the keys
  • Instructing the tenant on the tenancy
  • Advice on rental matters throughout the tenancy
  • Investigation and treatment of possible disturbances

Brokerage fee with a one-year rental guarantee 1.24 x monthly rent.
Without rent guarantee brokerage fee is 1 x monthly rent.

If you choose a rental brokerage service with a guarantee, we will guarantee the rent for one year from the beginning of the tenancy – if the tenant does not pay their rent, we will pay. The guarantee is valid for 12 months during the term of the lease.

OVV Full Service – outsourcing of rental housing

With OVV Full Service, you outsource the management of the entire tenancy. In addition to the content of the rental agency, the OVV Full Service includes::

  • Explanation and remarks for housing or payment problems
  • Rent control
  • Initial inspection at the end of the tenancy, inspection of cleaning and wear of the apartment
  • Annual inspection of the dwelling as required
  • Rent guarantee for the entire lease term
  • Contact with the tenant about matters related to the tenancy
  • Service guarantee for the entire lease term
  • A proposal for a suitable tenant for the landlord, in which case the landlord makes a decision about the tenant OR, at the landlord’s request, OVV makes a decision about the tenant.
  • For tax purposes, a summary of rental income and expenses processed by OVV
  • Security deposit and return to tenant

OVV Full Service charges 5% of the monthly rent / month + brokerage fee for renting an apartment 1 x monthly rent. Billing annually.

OVV Sales Service – specializes in the sale of investment homes

Brokerage fee 2.5% of the debt-free purchase price (condominiums), minimum fee 2,500 EUR. In addition, we only charge for actual document costs (property manager’s certificate, etc.), however, up to a maximum of 400 EUR.

  • Free apartment price estimate (an oral price estimate made after visiting the property is free of charge, if it is not necessary to order a separate property manager certificate to make the assessment).
  • Marketing on, and services
  • In addition, the apartment is marketed to our customers who have indicated that they are looking for a new investment apartment
  • The sale of the apartment is possible without the tenant being terminated. The right rent and a good tenant can be valuable in a sales situation.
  • If there is no buyer for the property at the desired price, it is always possible to continue renting!

Please check the availability of the Sales Agency with your OVV office.

Other services

Rent control

We monitor the tenant’s rent payments and, if necessary, contact the tenant in the absence of rent, and negotiate the payment of delayed rents in agreement with the landlord. The charge to the landlord is tax deductible. The charge is affected by the number of items being monitored. In addition, it is possible to include the first collection in the charge. Ask for an offer!

The rent control service is handled by our Oulu office, which you can contact directly and agree on the service: or entrepreneurs Jani or Kirsi Pelkonen, tel. 040-591 8677.

Rental of business premises

Brokerage fee from 1.24 x 1 month rent. Minimum 500 EUR + VAT 24%.

Drawing up a lease

In accordance with the agreement, we also draw up a secure and legal lease, if the tenant is ready. The service includes checking credit information and monitoring collateral and home insurance at the beginning of the tenancy before handing over the keys. The fee for drawing up the contract is from 250 EUR.

The settlement of housing disturbances and the management of situations included in our basic rental brokerage are not included in the preparation of the rental agreement, but if necessary we handle them according to a separate agreement (charging according to the extent of the situation).

Removal inspection

In the removal inspection, the condition of the apartment is reported in writing and pictures are taken. Once the relocation check has been made at the beginning of the tenancy, it is easy to compare it to the situation at the end of the tenancy. Charge depending on the size and location of the object from 150 EUR.

In accordance with the Housing Company Act, the owner of the apartment must ensure that the apartment is well maintained. During the tenancy, an inspection of the dwelling should be carried out especially if there are disturbances in the management of the tenancy in the payment of rent or when the housing company chooses from housing disturbances. Inadequate care and cleaning of the home can, in addition to the risk of moisture damage, lead to greater wear and tear on the home. According to the agreement, we can visit to inspect the apartment and, if necessary, instruct the tenant in the care of the apartment.

The charge starts at 100 EUR, depending on the size and location of the property.

Consulting and evaluation books

As a general rule, we provide guidance and advice free of charge.
If a written appraisal book is required (for example for a estate or a taxpayer), we will charge 350 EUR (housing shares) starting from the preparation of the written appraisal.

The price of other consultations is 85 € / hour.

All our prices include VAT (24%).

Please check the location-specific additional services on the page of your own OVV office!