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Additional Services of OVV

Drafting the rental contract

If you have a new tenant of your own, but as a landlord you want to make sure that the applicant has a flawless credit history and that the lease is made in a rightful and safe way, we can draft the rental contract for you. We make sure that the rental contract is made by following the Fair Rental Practices and that it is fair for both parties, we check the credit history of the tenant and make sure she/he fulfills the requirements of the guarantee and the home insurance in the beginning of the tenancy. If needed, we will help you in possible problematic situations, with a separate agreement and charge.

The price for drafting the rental contract is 250 EUR /contract (incl. VAT 24%).

Moving check-ups

When the tenancy is ending, the most common reason for arguments between the tenant and the landlord is the excessive wear and tear of the apartment and returning the guarantee money. The common instruction for the normal clean-up of the apartment and the normal wear and tear is mainly very clear, but usually the matter that is unclear and causes disagreement between the parties is, what was in the apartment already at the beginning of the tenancy and what was not. The landlord must prove this, so it is important, that in case of a disagreement the landlord is able to prove in what condition the apartment was when the tenancy started.

The landlord has always no possibility to check the apartment him/herself. If needed, OVV can make the check-up, if it is agreed on time. In the check-up OVV drafts a report of the condition of the apartment, evaluates the level of the cleaning and takes several photos of the apartment.

The charge for the check-up depends on the size of the apartment, and varies between 150 and 250 EUR (inc. VAT 24%, deductible in the taxation). If there is a need only for checking the level of cleaning in the apartment (OVV takes no into consideration the wear and tear of the apartment), the charge is 100 EUR.

Cooperation partners for renovations and cleaning

When the tenancy has ended, sometimes the apartment needs renovating or additional cleaning. Each office of OVV has partner-companies to do renovating of cleaning up in the apartment. Contact information of them you will get from your own OVV office.