We will help you to find a rental apartment that meets your requirements

For the tenants

OVV Asuntopalvelut is a nation wide chain on the field of rental services, and we have several offices all around Finland. We provide private rental apartments to students and working people, as well as to companies, from single households to families.

We will help you to find a rental apartment that meets your requirements. As a home-seeker you will get personal, professional and friendly service in all of the OVV offices. We will attend to you in all issues related to renting an apartment and living in a rental apartment throughout the whole tenancy. With our additional services you can for example make an electricity contract or take a home insurance to your new home easily in our office.

In most cases, the landlord pays the commission fee. You can make the search for an apartment (“Hakuvahti”), after which you will get information about new apartments to your email. When you are looking for an apartment in Joensuu, Kuopio or in the metropolitan area, you can also make a commission agreement as a home-seeker. In this case, if you find a suitable apartment, you will pay the commission fee. Find out more about the commission agreement on the page of your local OVV office (see Our offices).