Sell your apartment with the help of a professional

OVV Sales Service

OVV Sales Service – sale of investment homes

If renting an apartment is no longer relevant and it is time to give up the investment apartment, we will also help sell the investment property. We know the property, its demand, return and value, and we know the housing association. We know how to highlight the best aspects of investing and we do well with the tenant – a co-operative tenant promotes the sale of the best leased property.

We can also make an oral sale and lease appraisal free of charge if it is not necessary to order a separate property management certificate to make the appraisal.

Sales service includes:

  • Taking photos of the apartment and exploring the property
  • Public marketing of the property on and on an agency-by-office basis in and / or
  • Home marketing for our clients who have indicated that they are looking for a new investment home
  • Housing demonstrations (public and private demonstrations)
  • Preparation of the deed of sale and information to the property manager, taxpayer, etc.

The sale of the apartment is also possible without the tenant being terminated. The right rent and a good tenant can be valuable in a sales situation. Sales through OVV are safe, because if there is no buyer for the property at the desired price, the rental can always be continued and the apartment is not unproductive.

Our brokerage fee is 2.5% of the debt-free purchase price, the minimum fee is EUR 2,500. In addition, we charge actual document costs (property manager’s certificate, etc.), up to a maximum of EUR 400.

OVV Sales Service is provided by our offices in Tampere, Joensuu, Helsinki, Hyvinkää, Turku and Hämeenlinna.

Contact the OVV office closest to your apartment and we will tell you more about our operations.