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OVV Asuntopalvelut Helsinki

(Garant Vuokravälitys Oy, Business-ID 2955402-3)

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 9-16

050 382 6644

Maistraatinkatu 5
00240 Helsinki
(at street level, entrance from the Winqvistinkatu side)

The office is open only with appointments. Please call for an appointment:
050 382 6644

We rent the apartments in Helsinki and in the metropolitan area. We aim to find reliable tenants and to provide efficient and professional service. For the landlord our service is effortless, competent and personal – our office is willing to help in any questions related to renting, throughout the tenancy.

You can also let us handle the renting of the apartment comprehensively with the OVV Full service. With the full service we make sure everything is going well in the tenancy, guarantee the rent, make the moving in check-ups etc. More about the Full service you will find here.

As a home-seeker you can leave us a free search for the apartment (Hakuvahti), after which you will get notifications about new apartments to your email.

At your service

Mikko Kautonen
Entrepreneur, LKV
050 581 9770

Tomas Allén

Kirsi Tikka, LKV

Riikka Huhtala

When you are looking for a tenant to your apartment, you can make a commission agreement for finding a tenant here or by contacting our office. If you make the commission at our website, please fill in the form as precisely as possible so that marketing the apartment can start as soon as possible. We will contact you and agree on photographing and showing of the apartment as well as other practical issues.

Our service does not end when the lease has been signed – we help you throughout the whole tenancy also in problematic situations. We also pay attention to the lawfulness and the correctness of the rental contract. We also advise the tenant as well as possible to her/his rights and duties as a tenant, taking care of the apartment etc.

More information about the contents of our rental service you will find below, from the section Services and pricing.

Do you want to be among the first ones to receive notifications of new apartments? By making a search for an apartment (Hakuvahti) you will receive the offers about new apartments for rent to your email, before they appear to and other portals. Making the search does not bind you to anything and you can cancel the search at any time.

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OVV Rental service – with or withuot the rent guarantee

The rental brokerage service is the core of our operation, and you can choose it either with a rental guarantee for one year, or without a guarantee. If you choose a rental brokerage service that includes a guarantee, we guarantee the rent for one year from the beginning of the tenancy – if the tenant does not pay the rent, we will.

In both cases, the service includes:

– Getting to know the site, describing the apartment and, if necessary, evaluating the rent level
– Marketing on the website, and services
– Checking housing association information
– Presentations of the apartment (including our representative on the screen)
– Checking credit information and interviewing applicants
– Drawing up the lease agreement and keeping the original copy with attachments
– Supervision of the performance of the rental deposit, supervision of home insurance at the start of the tenancy
– Receiving and handing over the keys or agreeing on other arrangements
– Instructing the tenant in the rental relationship (duties and rights of the rental relationship, rules of procedure and operating procedures of the housing association, filing notices of moving, etc.)
– General/legal advice on rental matters throughout the tenancy
– Management of possible disruptions, delivery of rent increases in accordance with the agreement

The brokerage fee with a year-long rental guarantee is 1.24 x monthly rent (incl. VAT 24 %). The brokerage fee without guarantee is 1 x monthly rent (incl. VAT 24 %).

OVV Kokonaispalvelu – outsourcing the maintenance of a rental apartment

If you need to outsource the management of your rental apartment as widely as possible, our OVV Kokonaispalvelu is the right choice. In this case, we do the moving inspections, monitor the condition of the apartment, keep in touch with the tenant and monitor the rents. We also guarantee rent payment – if the tenant doesn’t pay his rent, we will. Managing the rental relationship usually requires a little social skills and effort, and this can be outsourced to us. The only condition is that the tenant is chosen by OVV, and that the service has been agreed upon in advance at the start of the brokerage.

Content of the Service

– Receiving terminations
– Finding a new tenant according to the landlord’s wishes
– Monitoring of rent payment and notifying defaulters, rent guarantee
– Dealing with rent increases according to the landlord’s wishes
– Contact with the property manager/building company
– Monitoring the apartment’s repair needs
– Move-in inspection of the apartment and annual inspections as needed, including a written report with pictures


OVV Kokonaispalvelu charge is 5 % of the monthly rent/month, which is charged once a year. In addition, an brokerage fee for renting the apartment and finding a new tenant, which is 1 x month’s rent. If the rental relationship lasts less than a year, the agency fee will not be charged again.

Short tenancies

Sometimes it is necessary to rent an apartment for a shorter period than a year. If a tenant is only needed for the summer or for the beginning of pipe renovation, our agency fee is flexible according to the situation.

When tenancy lasts less than 4 months, we charge from 400 €.

Brokerage of premises

When renting premises, the fee starts at 1.24 x 1 month’s rent (incl. VAT).

Other services

Writing a lease

When you have your own tenant candidate, but you want to make sure that everything goes correctly and in accordance with the law, you can make rental contract with us. The service includes checking credit information, drawing up a lease agreement, supervising the rent deposit and home insurance, as well as instructing the tenant in the tenancy relationship (duties and rights of the tenancy relationship, rules and procedures of the housing association, filing notices of moving and other obligations). The service does not include the treatment of disruption situations, we charge for them separately on a case-by-case basis.

250 € / lease

Renewal of the lease / change

When the original rental agreement has been signed at our office

from 150€ / lease

Moving inspection

In accordance with the agreement, we perform a move-in inspection of the apartment, where we take accurate pictures of the apartment and prepare a written report. When the inspection is done at the beginning of the tenancy, it is easy to compare the situation at the end of the tenancy. The service can be requested separately.

depending on size and location 150-350 € / inspection

Annual inspection of the apartment

In the inspection, the condition of the premises is visually inspected to prevent possible moisture and other damage, the maintenance of the apartment is evaluated and, if necessary, the tenant is instructed to improve the level of cleaning. The service can be requested separately.

Annual inspection 150 €

Consulting and assessment books

If you need a written appraisal book for the property (for the estate or the taxman), we can prepare a report for you and the charge will then be from 350 € (apartment shares).

Other consulting is 85 € /hour.

Billing supplement
5,00 €

All our prices include VAT (24 %).