Outsource the management of your investment property

OVV Full Service

Do you want to manage your investment in the easiest and safest way possible? Are you tired of answering to the emails from the tenant? Do you want to leave the managing of your rental apartment entirely to our office? The answer is OVV Full Service (OVV Kokonaispalvelu).

We guarantee the rent throughout the whole tenancy and take care of the apartment as our own. If the tenant does not pay the rent to you, OVV does. We monitor the tenants rent payments and account the rent to the landlord latest on the 15th of each month – regardless if the tenant has paid the rent or not.

We make a check-up to the apartment before and after the lease. If there has happened something that the tenant is in responsible, it is recorded in the documents.

We take care of the apartment and the tenancy. In the apartments under the OVV Full Service, the tenancies last statistically longer than they do in general. The tenant finds living in the apartment under OVV Full Service safer, as OVV is always reachable and the concerns can be addressed to us.

“It feels safe, when I can always call OVV and they take care of it”. OVV cherishes a good tenancy and helps the tenant whenever needed, and makes sure that the tenant feels comfortable in the tenancy. We make sure that the tenancy goes well, and in return, the tenant takes good care of the apartment.

As a landlord, there is no unnecessary requests or questions from the tenant, as we find the answers out as far as possible. OVV is the contact for the tenant, which means that the landlord has no contact requests about issues that are clear according to the tenancy and common practices. Of course, if there is a request from the tenant to renovate the apartment or changing the appliances etc., we will contact the landlord. During the tenancy, the tenant may have a lot of questions about living, taking care of the apartment etc., but OVV takes care of those questions without bothering the landlord.

We rent the apartment forward with efficiency, securing the rental income. When the tenant gives the notice of the apartment to OVV, we react fast and start the process of finding a new tenant immediately. Our goal is, that the apartment has a tenant without any gaps between the renting periods. OVV chooses the tenant according to the wish of the landlord, if we do not reach the owner without delay. Acting fast often secures finding a favorable tenant.

We draft a summary about the rental income, which makes it easier for the landlord to make the income tax return. In the summary there is clearly stated the paid rents as well as the expenses that OVV knows (the commission fees, costs of the new appliances etc.)

Pricing of the OVV Full Service

The cost for the OVV Full Service and the guarantee for the rent is 5% of the monthly rent /month. The fee is charged once a year (if not agreed otherwise). The price includes the VAT (24%) and is deductible in the taxation of the rent income.

If the tenancy must be annulled, OVV takes care of the annulment and searching for the replacing tenant. There will be no additional costs for the landlord of this, if the tenancy has lasted less than a year.