Rental services for private housing investors

For the landlords

OVV Asuntopalvelut is a franchise chain, that started its operations in 1994. Our field of business consists of the rental services of apartments owned by private housing investors, managing the apartments, procuring the business premises, and the brokerage. We provide rental apartments to students, working people and companies.

We operate in several locations in the growing cities in Finland: Helsinki and the metropolitan area, Hämeenlinna, Hyvinkää, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Kouvola, Lahti, Lappeenranta, Oulu, Pori, Porvoo, Rauma, Salo, Tampere, Turku, Vaasa. Every office is ran by an entrepreneur, which ensures the efficiency of our operations. We procure annually over 4000 rental apartments and our customer base consists of over 10 000 real estate investors, companies, housing companies and organizations.

If you have an apartment that needs a tenant in some of the above mentioned localities, contact your local OVV office.

The OVV chain provides the quality of the operations and the tools for it, and the local entrepreneurs guarantee the efficiency, local knowledge and the friendly customer service. As a housing investor, you can diversify your investments all over the Finland, and benefit from our local entrepreneurs knowledge of the market.

Over the long knowledge we know the real estate investment field and we are able to evaluate the rental income, the opportunities and the risks of your investment. You can ask our help for evaluating the rent level or other factors that may have an influence on the renting of the apartment  before purchasing it. We are also happy to give you advise on how to maintain the condition of the apartment in the most convenient ways by renovating, to get the best possible rental income. This all is included in our service.

With a long experience in real estate investments, many of our offices also take care of the brokerage of the apartments in house companies. We are happy to help you, when the investing in housing is no longer an option for you. Many of our clients are constantly looking for new investments to purchase.

Many of our offices also rent office premises. By the special knowledge of the entrepreneurs in each city, the service palette and its contents vary a bit between the offices. You can check the services and the pricing from the page of your own OVV-office (see Our offices).