Frequently asked questions for tenants | rental agreement

Frequently asked questions

Who owns the apartments?

We rent privately owned rental apartments. The owner of the apartment can be a housing investor, a housing association, an association, a foundation or some other party.

To whom do you rent apartments and who decides on the rental?

We rent apartments for both students and working people, not forgetting families and seniors. We have no wealth limits. The final decision to rent an apartment is always made by the owner of the apartment.

When I can come see the apartment I like?

Showing times vary by city. The showings will be organized according to the wishes of the applicants, but the situation will be affected by, among other things, whether the apartment is empty or whether there is still someone living there. If the showing time is not stated on our website, ask your local office for the showing time. If a full number of viewers have already registered for the showing, we can retrieve your information and notify you immediately of any cancellation location or new showing time.

How do I apply for an apartment and how binding is my application?

When you find an interesting item on our website, please contact us and ask for a presentation time. After getting acquainted with the apartment that suits you, you can fill in the application already in the showing or make the application after the showing with the form. Based on the information you provide, we will present your application to the owner of the apartment. If you have visited several apartments during the same day, you can also choose the so-called first, second and third options. Once the landlord has made a decision to rent the apartment, we will notify all applicants of the decision.

What is a Search Alert?

With the help of the search guard service, you will receive information by e-mail about the apartments for which the landlord has made an assignment. When you do a Search Alert, you do not commit to anything and the service will not incur any cost to you. The search guard is valid for 4 months and can be stopped at any time.

Are electricity and water included in the rent?

Rarely included. In most cases, the tenant enters into an electricity contract himself and pays for it according to his consumption (energy and transmission fee). The water fee can be determined according to the monthly fee based on the number of persons determined by the housing association or consumption per apartment, if an apartment-specific water meter is installed in the apartment.

Is home insurance compulsory?

As a general rule, extensive home insurance is required at all of our properties. See home insurance and electricity contract for more information on home insurance and electricity contract.

What does a rental security account mean?

The tenant opens a rent security account with the bank in his own name, where he deposits the amount of the money guarantee in accordance with the lease agreement. The bank closes the account, meaning the tenant cannot withdraw funds from the account during the tenancy. The landlord can use the security deposit to cover unpaid rents or to repair damage caused to the apartment by the tenant.

At the end of the tenancy, the landlord releases the security without claims by acknowledging the pledge notice and delivering it to either the bank or the tenant. After this, the tenant can go to withdraw the security deposit from the account with the accrued interest or leave the funds in the account to wait for the future need and the interest rate to increase.

Can a minor rent an apartment through you?

Minor is not an obstacle to renting an apartment. However, we need the consent of your guardian. The guardian also signs or becomes the guarantor of the contract and is responsible for the obligations of the apartment until you are of legal age.

Do credit default marks prevent you from renting an apartment?

In most cases, landlords require clean credit information, and depending on their size, subscriptions have a significant impact on getting a home. If you know you have an entry, tell the broker in advance. Also tell how the markings have come from and whether they are being treated and prepare to be able to provide a stronger guarantee. In addition to cash collateral, a personal guarantee is often a good addition.

What is a personal guarantee?

In a personal guarantee, the money does not move, but a written agreement is made about the guarantee. A personal guarantee is comparable to a bank loan guarantee: if the tenant does not pay his rent, the guarantor is obliged to pay. After the end of the tenancy, the guarantor may also be charged other obligations to the tenant in addition to the rent, such as the costs of cleaning the apartment or the costs of breaking the apartment. The guarantor is often the tenant’s guardian. A personal guarantee is usually required in addition to the cash security if the tenant is a minor. If a personal guarantee is possible in the apartment, it is usually mentioned in the housing advertisement. At your OVV office, check at the apartment application stage whether the landlord accepts the personal guarantee as a form of security.

Is a social security commitment accepted as a rent guarantee?

May be accepted on a case by case and city basis. When applying, let us know if you are considering this and ask your OVV office for more information.

Are pets welcome in the apartments?

Accepting a pet for an apartment varies from case to case and apartment to apartment. In most cases, pets are not allowed in the apartment because they could later be moved by an allergic person. Unfortunately, the landlord also sometimes does not want pets in the apartment because the pets of previous tenants have caused disruption and destruction. However, the tenant is always obliged to repair or compensate for any damage to the property caused by their own or their pet’s accommodation.

Why don’t I get information about the apartments in real estate, even though I have made a search guard / assignment?

There are three main reasons for this: a technical error, your search has expired, or the email address you entered is incorrect. If your application began more than four months ago (and you received a confirmation email at your email address after completing the housing application), please contact your local office.

How do I get the keys to the new apartment?

In most cases, you will receive your key at the start of the tenancy from OVV Asuntopalvelu Services. In some cases, the landlord, previous tenant, or landlord property manager or maintenance man may also hand over the keys to the apartment you rent. You will receive the keys after you have arranged the security and / or any personal guarantee and home insurance and you have provided proof of this to the office. If the guarentee is a bank pledge, it must be delivered to the office.

How do I terminate my apartment?

The lease is terminated in writing. The tenant’s notice period is always one full calendar month. For example, if you terminate your apartment on February 15, the tenancy ends on March 31. See Termination for more information on termination.

I have left notice of termination of my apartment. When do I have to move out and where do I return the keys?

According to the law, the date of moving is a business day after the end date of the lease. So if the end date of the contract is Friday, the move date is Monday. If Monday is a public holiday, the day of moving is Tuesday. It is also possible to agree on a move-in date so that the move-in date is the end date of the contract, in which case the apartment must be handed over completely cleaned to the landlord for use on the move-in date. In this case, however, the lease agreement must clearly state what has been agreed on the date of the move. For example, the lease may read: “The apartment must be handed over cleaned and in a sublease condition on the end of the lease”.

The keys are most often returned to our office, unless otherwise agreed with the landlord.

Will OVV Asuntopalvelut help with future problems during the tenancy?

Yes! We will serve you throughout your tenancy in all matters related to the tenancy. Don’t worry about it yourself and contact your local office immediately. Problems are usually easiest to solve early.