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Notice of termination

Termination of the lease must be submitted in writing and verifiable. If the tenant terminates, the notice period for the lease is always one full calendar month. The lease expires after the notice period. The notice period shall be calculated from the last day of the calendar month during which the notice was given. For example, if the termination is made during January, the tenancy ends on the last day of February.

If the landlord terminates a lease after the contract has been valid over one year, the notice period is six months, and for contracts of less than one year, three months.

At present, the practice of deferred notice is very common. When a landlord pays a commission, the first possible notice period for a lease is usually one year from now. If the tenant terminates the agreement before the end of the commitment, he will pay an amount equal to 1-2 months’ rent as a contractual penalty. The deferred notice period is reciprocal, meaning that it is binding on both parties – this means that if the landlord were to terminate the tenant’s lease during the first year, he would pay the same fine to the tenant.

The fixed-term lease cannot be terminated and the agreement expires on the agreed termination date. A fixed-term lease is binding on both parties throughout the lease. So you are responsible for the rent, even if your life situation changes and you no longer need an apartment. Of course, a fixed-term lease can be appealed to the district court if the place of work or study changes to another place, but not, for example, on the grounds that the relationship is dissolved.

You will find the notice of termination in the forms section. We ask that you also submit the notice of termination to the landlord and also to the OVV Asuntopalvelut office.