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Home insurance and electricity contract

Through us, the customer can easily order Väre’s low-cost electricity contract in connection with concluding a lease agreement. Väre offers a variety of environmentally friendly and low-cost electricity contract solutions from which you can choose the most suitable option for you. We will handle the order for Väre and the local network company.

We always require the tenant to take home insurance that includes liability insurance. The cost of home insurance is small, but if something happens, home insurance becomes really valuable. Home insurance will cover your belongings (for example if your bicycle will be stolen), but also if you suffer damage for which you are liable. Water damage to a condominium caused by a broken washing machine can become really expensive without insurance. Damage can also happen to a neighbor upstairs, causing water to damage your home theater, for example. From time to time, our customers have also had to “live” at the insurance company’s spike in the hotel once the damage caused by the pipe leak has been repaired.

Ask your office for tips on taking home insurance!